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O-Wakisashi, 14-16th century:

O-Wakisashi, (large Wakisashi)

With a magnificent Koshirae

Blade in perfect condition,

Muromachi period (1333 -1573)

14th-16th century

Very high quality polishing

No marks or rust or hagire on the blade

Hasaki strongly marked (thread of the blade, very sharp)

Quenching line (Hamon) very clearly visible and of silk quality in very good condition,

without mark or rust,

no signature

Tsuba sober and in perfect condition,

state of conservation to be noted in view of the age of this one Tsuka in perfect condition,

same-hada (sharkskin) and Menuki,

Kashira and Fuchi in bronze Kissaki clearly marked (tip of the blade)

Length of the sword: 78 cm

Length of the blade: 54 cm

Sori (curvature of the saber): 1.1 cm

Saya in very good condition, perfectly varnished

Sold with a Bukuro, silk fabric cover receiving the wakisashi as well as a conservation

Shirasaya and wooden blade.

All delivery, careful shipping with insurance, invoice attesting to the authenticity provided

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PriCE : 3600 €

Period: 14-16th century
Style: Muromachi era
Condition : Perfect condition
Material : iron Tamahagane