Project Description

A lithograph depicting “Members of the Provisional Government”, 1848, autographed
and a set of 63 lithographs representing the Members of the “National Assembly, Gallery of the 1848 People’s Representatives”, signed and some autographed.

“Members of the Provisional Government, Portrait drawn from nature at the City Hall”.
London_E Gambart & Co., 25, Berners Street Oxford Street.
Paris Goupil, Vibert & Cie, publishers, Boulevard Montmartre 15, and rue d’Enghien, 10.
Dedicated: “Offered to the General Council Organization of the Meurthe, by citizens […]”
Members of the Provisional Government are :
Louis Blanc
Laurent-Antoine Pagnerre
Alphonse Lamartine
Armand Marrast
Jacques Charles Dupont Eure
Adolphe Crémieux
Louis-Antoine Garnier-Pagès
Pierre Marie de Saint-Georges
Ferdinand Flocon
François Arago
Alexandre Martin called Albert
Alexandre Ledru-Rollin

Set of 63 Lithographs representing the members of the “National Assembly, Gallery of Representatives of the People 1848”
Paris House Basset, rue de Seine, 33
Imprimerie Lemercier, Paris
“Lithograph from nature by G. Deshays”
E. Desmaison divexit
Paris Goupil, Vibert et Cie Bvd Montmartre, 19

The lithographs are all signed, some are also autographed. (
thank you contact me for details)
Papers in a correct state, some stained, sometimes very slightly torn. The group portrait is in a medium state, traces of folds and tearing.
All the detailed photos of the members of the National Assembly available, thank you for contacting me.

Price: 3900 euros

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