Project Description

Katana, or Uchigatana (ancestor of the classic katana)
Koto period, 15th century
Tamahagane steel
Blade signed Kanesada

Hamon: very clearly visible tramp line
Kissaki and boshi in very good condition
“Gutter” as one of the sides of the blade
The silk is slightly shortened with three holes as often the case with such an old blade
however the signature remains present and visible.
Signature: 兼 貞: Kanesada, working in the 15th century
Tsuba in metal, traditional Japanese symbol enhanced with solid gold
Habaki in sterling silver
Tsuka in good condition, long made of fine spokes
Saya in good condition, some very light repaints
Fuchi and Kashira in metal with gold and silver inlay, with floral representation
Sharp: 60.8 cm
Total length of Koshirae: 93 cm
Width: 27 cm
Thickness: 6mm
Curvature: 2 cm
Very sharp
Very good condition, except for a few minor scratches on the blade.
All deliveries

Price: 4800 euros

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