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Ambroise Paré (1509-1590) “Les Oeuvres, onziesme edition reveue et corigée en plusieurs endroits, & augmentée d’un fort ample traité des fièvres avec pourtraicts & figures, tant de l’anatomie que des instruements de chirurgie, & de plusieurs monstres. ”
12th edition,
Lyon, Pierre Rigaud Antoine Jullieron
Probably 1664
852 pages,
Pages 1-14 Missing
Table of contents: 80 pages (last 8 pages are missing)

Born in Laval in 1517 and died in 1590, A.Paré began his barber-surgeon learning to a barber in Angers. Army surgeon, his skill earned him a place with the kings Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III. Considered the father of modern surgery, he lit up various issues of anatomy, physiology and therapeutics.

Price: 1500 euros

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